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Chin Chai Lah

On answering questions

Chin: We’re getting plenty of requests for answers to questions from all over the world…How should we answer them?

Chai: Honestly and sincerely, of course

Chin: First one, from local media, to respond to employers complaints that they didn’t have time to react to new measures…

Chai: Tell them…time is what we don’t have…

Chin: Sounds good. There’s one asking for our response to complaints about foreign workers’ living conditions.

Chai: First, they are not foreign workers, they are migrant workers. Tell local media to get that right. Second, the “we” is not just the Government, it’s the people, employers, dormitory operators and the foreign workers themselves as well.

Chin: Ok. What about this thing that we were late to test them….Chai: Silly question. Don’t they know we don’t even test citizens?

Chin: Right, then this one from foreign media, on why we didn’t take any lessons from countries which are successful, like Taiwan.

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Chai: Must be Taiwanese media…Tell them it’s because we’re not Taiwan. Chin: Ok, should we say the same thing to Hong Kong media too?

Chai: Of course! Add that we’re not part of China.

Chin: Western media wants to know why we call it a circuit breaker and not a lockdown….they can’t understand it.

Chai: Never mind if they understand it or not…the locals can understand…good enough.

Chin: Hmmm. Our Chinese language media says difficult to translate….

Chai: Then it only shows how deficient their language skills are… ask them to ask Chinese embassy.

Chin: Western media, Amnesty International, Freedom House all saying that we don’t care for foreign workers.

Chai: Give them url for PM’s two broadcasts on how we care so much…. not just for them, but for their families back home too.

Chin: They also want to know if high numbers reflect the failure of leadership….

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Chai: The leadership didn’t fail. The people failed to follow rules. That’s why we now warn, fine and jail them. Nevertheless, we’re all in this together as SGUnited.

Chin: They ask how come we no longer gold standard….

Chai: $^^*###$$$*****!!! Their own standard is platinum is it? Have they looked at the own countries? Asked their own leaders? Do they check themselves? What right have they…

Chin: Cool down. So what’s the answer?

Chai: Tell them to inject themselves with detergent.

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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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