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Chin Chai Lah

On the CDC conundrum

Last month, Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh questioned the roles of the Community Development Councils (CDCs), saying their roles can be performed by government agencies and other statutory boards. He also called the salaries paid to mayors “outrageous”. A month later at a grassroots event, People’s Association (PA) deputy chairman Chan Chun Sing said that the CDCs play unique roles in Singapore’s ecosystem of mobilising volunteers and resources for various causes.

Chin: Sigh. People saying the boss’ explanation of CDC not good enough.

Chai: Aiyoh. Why he open his mouth? Denise already put her foot in hers…

Chin: Coz he’s deputy chairman of PA and feels responsible I think. But they say his answer too vague…

Chai: Tell them to go read Hansard…so many times answered already and people not satisfied. CDCs around for so long already…now then cow peh, cow bu.

Chin: I suppose can keep repeating the CDC unique roles, community connection, economies of scale, mobilisation of resources and manpower to active optimal efficiency and greater effectiveness in serving the many needs of citizens….

Chai: Can. Can. Go and look at past interviews where MPs so glad got CDCs coz everything made easier for them when they enter politics…

Chin: Hmm. I think only PAP MPs can say that….

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Chai: So Opposition MPs should be happy that got CDCs and they don’t have to do anything. Not even distribute masks or… is that the CCC or RC or NC or CC or CCMC? People really should shaddup. Why are people still talking about this?

Chin: Coz they found out mayors get paid $600,000 a year.

Chai: What???! That much???? Is there an application form?

Chin: Sorry. For PAP MPs only.

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