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Chin Chai Lah

On working from home

Chin: I wish work from home was the default mode….

Chai: Why? So you can laze around and pretend to work? It’s unproductive!

Chin: Not really. I cut down on commuting. Don’t you?

Chai: I enjoy my long drives. It’s the only time I listen to the radio. Are you saying our public transport system is inefficient?

Chin: I mean, don’t you want to be at home to help with say, the kids’ homework?

Chai: That’s the school and tuition teacher’s job. I pay them.

Chin: But we sit around and have long meetings where people just chit-chat!

Chai: Better than zooming and people do other things while pretending to pay attention.

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Chin: I prefer my wife’s home-cooked food than poisoning myself outside at lunch and risking diabetes…

Chai: But going out means that you get to feel the pulse of the people…How to know what’s happening if you don’t go to the coffeeshop?

Chin: I think you just want to get out of the house to avoid your wife’s nagging.

Chai: That’s true too. What’s your reason for wanting to work from home?

Chin: To avoid having boh liao conversations with you…

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