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Chin Chai Lah

On Yale-NUS closure

Chin: You think we should say something about the Yale thing?

Chai: No need lah. Already booked slot for ministerial statement in Parliament. It’s a safe space.

Chin: But people now speculating on all sorts of things and leaks are coming out.

Chai: Then threaten faculty with breach of contract and tell students they risk suspension for passing on rumours and misinformation.

Chin: Hmm. They want to know full reasons for the closure. Can’t be so controversial right?

Chai: You mean merger. Get the term right! Reasons are for us to give, not for them to demand. We didn’t ask them in the first place whether we wanted such a liberal arts college.

Chin: There’s a petition against top-down approach that’s going around.

Chai: Which is evidence of why a liberal arts education is no good. Who do these people think they are to want a say in everything?!? We’re already making sure they will be okay. Now they actually think things can be reversed?

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Chin: Actually there’s a lot of stuff lumped into the petition, on faculty mergers etc and how it’s not good for students and faculty.

Chai: Vocal minority only. The rest of them are extremely well-behaved and know that we have their best interests in mind! The sooner we get the Yale part out, the sooner things will be back to normal. Chin: So we say nothing?

Chai: That’s what the top says.

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