Chin Chai Lah

On acronyms

Chin: We should reduce the number acronyms ASAP!

Chai: Why? I am sure WFH and HBL are now in the Singapore vocabulary. One is working and one is learning.

Chin: Ya, but CTF and CCF? People will confuse them with CPF and PCF?

Chai: But they know it has to do with Covid not retirement or kindergarten. Give people some credit lah. The MTF already doing its best. Also all those in hospitals which end with a H.

Chin: But what is the difference between PET and PCR? A pet cat who can operate a VCR?

Chai: It depends on whether the pet is wearing PPE. You are really not helping the Comms by pointing out such frivolous things.

Chin: But acronyms are not helping! I mean VPL is clear to me but VTL?

Chai: don’t need to know everything. In any case, there is a difference between a line and a lane lah. And it only applies if you need to travel.

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Chin: Well, it’s odd that we focus on science but we talk about ART…and then there are those schemes that are supposed to help people hurt by the impact on the economy but I can only recognise JSS.

Chai: Well, that’s because you’re just a worker bee while the CEO, MNC and SME types will definitely know every bit that helps them save a cent.

Chin: Is a SHN the same as being told to recover at home?

Chai: Ah. That reminds me! We should call it RAH! Chin: And how come it’s always three letters?

Chai: No leh. There’s still CB.

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