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WP leaders should take some responsibility for allowing Raeesah Khan’s ‘transgression to persist’, says party’s ex-NCMP Daniel Goh

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Hmm Facebook reporting. Thought media should at least get hold of him to elaborate. Also is he still a WP member or not? Deck says ‘former’ but story says still ‘cadre’. Should sort this out.

By the way, if ex-MPs etc make the news like this for talking about the party, then what of ex-PAP MPs and ministers who comment on what party should be doing in public? Or it won’t happen? Has never happened? Or PAP members know to keep heads down because political masters too powerful?

It just strikes me that MSM so quick to report on schisms, splits and dissent in opposition ranks but there’s nothing like this is on the rather more mammoth PAP. Either party discipline is really tight, everything is hunky dory or it’s an elephant that should stay in one corner of the room untouched and unremarked.

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