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Chin Chai Lah

On New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve, young people broke all social distancing rules partying at Clarke Quay. Should they punished or dismissed as indulging in hi jinks?

Chin: Aiyah. Let the young people have fun lah. It’s New Year’s Eve…

Chai: Cannot! They broke donno how many rules – gathering in public, masks down and cavorting and littering….

Chin: Hmm. You must remember people will ask where the police were and what about social distancing ambassadors? And whether we should have anticipated this….You really want to answer such queries?

Chai: That’s not the point! People must have self-discipline and police themselves! Not just for their own good but the good of others. What happens if they are infected and go home and give the virus to their grandparents!

Chin: Look on the bright side…at least people now know what endemic means…they just living with the virus and think they are taking acceptable risks…

Chai: Hah! Most of them probably not even local. Or rich types who can waste a bottle of champagne by spraying it on others! Or they think they are above the law! Why can’t they stay at home like ordinary people?

Chin: Hmm….I guess they can go abroad and party elsewhere…Seeing so many social media pictures of Singaporeans with masks down enjoying themselves elsewhere makes me envious. But at least, it shows we are capable of spontaneity!

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Chai: Spontaneity… my foot! There must have been a ring leader somewhere passing the word around or foreign agents intent on disrupting our social fabric! We need to flush them out!

Chin: Well…thank goodness we have video then and we should be smart nation enough to identify the people in it.

Chai: Ya. Also shows that spontaneity and stupidity go together – unless the people who put up videos think they are doing everyone a favour…Chin: So we should exempt them from the coming dragnet no?

Chai: Of course not! Stupidity is a crime.

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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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