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Poh Ho Ho Ho!

Talk about tenacity! While ST went on and on about a possible spoiler in the form of WP’s Poh Lee Guan in the coming Hougang by-election, TNP actually went to get hold of him! I don’t know TNP chased him down, but it was a great job nailing him down and getting him to speak. He didn’t say very much, was pretty intriguing with his comments, but that’s what readers want to hear – something from the horse’s mouth. Well, in a few hours, we’ll know if that dark horse will turn it into a three-horse race!

I recall the excitement when Poh went up against PAP’s Ho Peng Kee a couple of GEs ago. The Ho versus Poh face-off even had Lee Kuan Yew intervening in the contest – on behalf of Hungry Ghost festival organisers unhappy with Ho’s approach towards the Chinese traditional festival. Poh lost, and lost again as part of WP’s GRC contingent the last time round. He wasn’t much in the news then, as attention had turned to WP’s other “acquisitions” such as Chen Show Mao. Does he have a right to feel aggrieved at being passed over for WP’s Png in Hougang? What sort of arguments will he put up for entering the fray and splitting the vote? That he is the best man for Hougang and the fight should be among individuals rather than along party lines?

Talking about twists, Starhub’s move to offer SingTel some “help” over its soccer telecasts is a brilliant one! The last time it did so, so many people thought SingTel was rather churlish to reject having some games telecast over cable rather than its seemingly unreliable mio TV. So now, it isn’t the fact that helluva lot of people tuned in to watch the finals which caused the disruptions, but the trigger-happy among them who wanted to switch channels. It’s the viewers fault!

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