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Loaded headlines

Now now…there’s really no need for ST to make such a point about a listening G…. I am referring to the Page 1 headline on Government answers call to ease COE crunch. If there’s a need for intepretation, stick it in the body of the story and have someone say it. But in the headline? I think readers would rather have the news of WHAT was going to be done to increase the supply. Stick to the news – can’t go wrong that way.

BT did it better going with COE cuts pushed back to ease crunch. Straight news headline. And frankly, in the telling of the story, I thought TNP did it best with its More COEs as LTA makes three changes. Readers were helpfully told in the deck above that all this will take place from August. The three changes were highlighted and each tagged with a “What it means”. Idiot-proof! I like it!

Another loaded headline in ST was New MP hits the ground running in Hougang. I mean, should he hit the ground walking? Why not just say what Png is doing than subject readers to a loaded cliche? Another loaded cliche headline in the Home pages about 700 jobs “up for grabs”. I certainly hope the jobs were “grabbed” at the end of the fair or will employers still be faced with a long list of vacancies?

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