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Scheming away…

I am scheming to get the word scheme excised from ST. It appeared so often in today’s Page 1 that I wonder if some inside joke is being perpetuated. After all, the SCHEME was to get more foreign LAWYERS into Singapore. (It’s okay if you don’t get it) And the SCHEME, by the way, stemmed from some high-level committee’s report. I can just imagine a bunch of shadowy people in a dark room conspiring to import others who will come up with yet more schemes ….!

And while I am at it, what’s with the use of the present tense in the Page 2 story on Hiring crunch easing? More importantly, I wasn’t sure what the story was about. Is it easing or not? One survey says so but others poured cold water over it – not enough job creation, outsourcing and there’s even a fellow who said he turned to foreigners to fill jobs. So is it a good picture of employment? A credible survey? What’s the bottomline?

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