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Graphics galore

My favorite graphics of the day are in BT. (Go buy a copy and raise circulation!) So the owner of a Chery QQ here can get a Porsche Boxter Black Edition in the US, and a Mercedez-Benz SLK in the UK for the same price! And if you are the owner of a Toyota Corolla, go take a look at what engines you could have bought in the US.

There are comparative statistics on housing as well. What a three-room flat owner in Bedok could have bought or a five-roomer in Bishan. Sigh.

Then of course BT brings you back down to earth on cost of living, taxes and whatever else you have to pay if you DO decide to up and go get your dream car, house – or island. So don’t just salivate over the graphics, read the fine print too. Still, one can dream.

Talking about graphics, it was a good clear graphic in ST on the us-them divide, but where of where is the graphic for the most important story of the day (according to ST) that was on Page 1 – Sharp fall in global production? Do readers really have to wade through the text to see comparative Purchasing Managers Indices for China, Australia, South Korea, Euzozone, US et al????  And what’s with the intro about a SLEW of figures…Thought it had been slain!

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