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Women – protected and unprotected

Being the voyuer that I am, I scanned the papers for more on the sex-for-business cases. I found it in TNP – but what a damp squib. The headline talks about netizens slamming the women involved (but there was nothing in the report about what was said,…unprintable I guess) and a HR expert cautioning people against convicting them. ONE HR expert. Seems to me it’s just an excuse for TNP to run pictures which ST has published of the woman involved in the CNB guy’s case – and reprise some details of the rest of the women. Aiyoh. Just run the pictures lah? Why let a reader wade through all that text?

I am now waiting to see pictures of the other three women surface somewhere….but seems they did a pretty good job of not leaving a trail? They must have very loyal family and friends protecting them from public scrutiny. Good for them!

As an aside, that Dutch guy who fall from Skypark at MBS – what’s the bet that he was drunk? I mean, I have been seeing a few reports on drunks falling into pools and drowning etc.

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