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Not-so-numbing numbers

I thought ST’s page 1 story tried very hard to explain the significance of Suntec Convention Centre’s six-month shutdown. The issue came down to whether there will be a space crunch for the MICE business. The stats: Last year, Suntec hosted 1,602 events. Together with other big three at Singapore Expo, MBS and RWS, they did more than 5,000 conventions all together. So Suntec does about 20-over  per cent of the business? Actually, it would make better sense to find out if the other big three have the capacity to take up the slack. I mean, are all four over-booked? They had to turn away events in the past? The assumption in the story is that they are…but you know what they say about assumptions, it makes an ass out of you and me.

By the way,

Here are some words in the story to be chewed over…and maybe spat out.

facelift – doesn’t matter if its extensively renovated or surgically operated on, buildings always get their face lifted

spruced up – useful phrase, but I always seem to associate it with plants

grand entrance – aren’t they usually? with awful cornices and all? prefer grand exit – by people

refreshing – a term that’s between revamp and overhaul? or maybe the convention centre has a new air-con system put in.

Thank goodness there wasn’t a “spanking new” in the article though

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