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There’s nothing much to read in the newspapers today. Really. Most went big on the holiday driving deaths, with general tips on how to take care when cruising on foreign roads. But hey, what can even experts say except rest well, look out and remember this is not Singapore? I suppose for newspapers to stay relevant, it must give some kind of advice, even advice that was resurrected from the last time a spate of holiday driving deaths occured.

Of course, there was the TV goes digital stories. So many acronymns and numbers but really two points: free-to-air channels will start going digital from next december and by 2020 – everything’s digital. If you are among the 40 per cent of non-Pay TV subscribers, get prepared to pay about $60 for a box of sorts to make the change. I thought BT was more educational in this respect, explaining how one analogue channel (there’s seven now) can host 10 to 20 digital channels. And how, more importantly, the system would lead to more competitors (which should lead to lower charges?) and the system cost pay-TV operators less…(which should lead to lower charges?) The stuff in brackets reflects wishful thinking on my part

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