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The business of harvest

I am a little confused over the City Harvest story. So the church embarked on a Crossover Project to promote Sun Ho’s secular music to the masses. I suppose with the aim of converting them…Sounds like something any church (if it has a star singer) would say okay to.  Thing is, how was this project supposed to be financed in the first place? Was it to come from church donations? If the Church says yes and followers know, then there’s nothing wrong right? Why this need to funnel through Malaysia and some dark underground Multi-purpose fund?

Two years ago, when ST was checking on the story, the thing that blew us away was the businesses that the church was into. It led to some comments on the role of the church in business and what’s allowed or not. Time, I think to talk about this again. I, for one, can’t remember much of that issue. What sort of State rules are in place on this? Just normal ACRA accounting rules? Is this the business of the church and nobody else’s business?  Even members of the faithful would appreciate some help in navigating this.

Just as the NKF scandal led to changes in charity governance rules, perhaps the City Harvest case would give some clarity on this religion-business nexus. That would be the most useful outcome of the case, even as it provides plentiful colourful copy…

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