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Leaving on a jet plane

So kiss me and smile for me.

Tell me that you’ll wait for me…

Hold me close and never let me go…

Coz I’m leaving on a jet plane….

The gong bangers are waiting. That much anticipated meeting between the Asean elders and the Chinese that was supposed to happen in the morning has been delayed. Afternoon at 3pm, then aftenoon at 4pm. No reason given. Seems like the Chinese need time to dress, or decide what carrots or sticks to bring to the table. After all, never mind what they say about not talking about the South China Sea, the Asean elders are going to want to bring it up.

Just like yesterday. There was a meeting between Asean and the Plus 3 countries – Japan, South Korea and China. It was meant to be more about economics, about enhancing “connectivity”, about celebrating the 15th anniversary of Asean Plus 3 with concerts and a symposium. A gong banger asked if the South China Sea was raised. The Asean spokesman looked like he wanted to shoo the gong banger out of the house – yes, very briefly. By who? The Philippines. The Asean spokesman walked out in a huff.

It’s no wonder that the Philippines brought up the issue. Together with Vietnam, it’s quarrelling with China over the sea. And the Philippines haven’t been quiet about it. Very noisy, in fact. After all, they’ve got the Americans on their side. And they’ve said they don’t want to talk to the Chinese alone in a room – not at this open house. The Vietnamese? They’ve made a date with the Chinese for later in the day, probably after the big showdown.

What about the Americans? The big fellow is supposed to meet the Asean elders in the afternoon too. But the gong bangers are hearing something else. Apparently, the Americans only want to talk tomorrow – after the Chinese. They probably want to see what the Chinese say, before putting their oar in. Or maybe Hillary Clinton hasn’t left Vietnam in her jet plane….

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The gong bangers are going to have lunch. It’s spaghetti again.

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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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