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Beer talk

I have always appreciated journalists who have fun with their writing because it makes their stories so much easier to digest – or in this case, swallow. I’m talking about BT’spage 1 lead today on Mystery buyer seeks big swig of F&N and APB. The  intro is cliched enough about something  “brewing”. But there were little bits within the story which made me smile. Like how Japanese beer maker Kirin has “popped up” on the  scene and seems to be making aplay for the shares held by OCBC and its subsidiary Great Eastern Holdings. Speculation being “corked” and discussion that have been “canned”. (I didn’t know that F&N and APB make wine though…)Japanese companies having a habit of “swallowing” others.

Here’s a few others of my own – OCBC is frothing at the mouth, and Kirin’s cup will runneth over if it wins the bid and rival Heineken will be left with the bitter taste of failure. Or is this all a slip between the cup and the lip on my part?


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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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