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LawSoc should get its house in order

It’s a bit RICH for the Law Society to hammer others on the M Ravi case when it should be apologising for not keeping its own house in order and therefore causing this “disturbance”. So now  we hear that the so-called Law Society “representative” went to court with the doctor’s letter on his own volition and its statement that the Law Soc had initiated the proceedings was wrong (I don’t remember reading this in the media by the way). But…sheesh! What kind of outfit is the LawSoc running when one  of its own can go running  to the courts armed with a letter to the LawSoc? Was the “representative” Wong Siew Hong really so silly as not to even keep any of the  LawSoc bosses informed that he was going to do so? Surely, there are procedures in place in the LawSoc before any lawyer can go running to the courts or come up with a statement on behalf of the LawSoc? So, I say Mr Wong Meng Meng: Go shoot your own messenger.

PS. I am intrigued by the dates. So Calvin Fones examined M Ravi on July 14, according to the ST timeline? And not in May, as was in that screen grab of the  letter that TNP re-produced yesterday? So the screen-grab was a fabrication? Or I’m blind or what? Sheesh. Can someone make this clear? No need for any more muddle please.

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