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The curious case of the doctor

I saw something interesting in The New Paper today. It had a screen grab of the letter that DrCalvin Fones wrote to the Law Society about lawyer M Ravi’s mental state. It was dated July 16, that is, the day of the by-election hearing. BUT he examined the patient on May 16 – a whole two months before. Makes you wonder why the good doctor waited so long before deciding to write to the Law Society. And why he picked such a critical day – critical to this citizen, at least.

Then there was the statement the doctor made that Mr Ravi had been having a  relapse over the past two weeks. So that makes it early May, when he first started making his case about whether  the Prime Minister can order a by-election at will. What’s happening?

The LawSoc rep, armed with the doc’s letter,  tried to address the court before the hearing – why? So the judge can make an instant decision on whether to hear the  case? It turns out the letter was handed in after and so got to hear the arguments on both sides.

What happens next? I hope the good doctor can explain his time lapse. Then I wonder what the judiciary will do now. Meet the doctor? Decide that what has happened in the past two months, including yestderday didn’t take place? Null and void? Send Ravi to IMH?

Whatever happens next, I certainly hope there will be a decision made  on the by-election rules. If not, the better forum is Parliament. Surely, MPs on both sides of the house want to know what happens to the people who elected them to serve in the unfortunate event that they conk out?

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