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Light at the end of the tunnel please

When it comes to tragedy, I’ve always thought TNP would be one-up on the rest. I turn to it for pictures, graphics and good story-telling. So it was with the tunnel collapse today. Except that I couldn’t make head or tail of the graphics. Where were the  workers standing? What wet cement? In this instance, ST had a much better graphic . So the two men who died were under the roof when the scaffolding gave way? The concrete was being poured into the mould for the roof? So they were buried in wet concrete? And they weren’t  supposed to be  there, were they? So why were they there in the first place?

I suppose that’s  an unfeeling question. What a way to die! But it’s worth looking into whether safety rules were breached on this particular aspect. I mean, I’m sure investigations will look at whether the scaffolding itself was a problem and could not hold the load. And the usual fines and punishments will kick in. But it could have collapsed and NO ONE would have died if everyone is where they should be.

I must say I am full of praise for the SCDF fellows who had to themselves suffer chemical reactions when digging through the wet concrete. I wonder why they had to use their hands though. No trowel? Small point. But hey, good on our SCDF boys!

Another point: Notice that the injured were sent to the private Raffles hospital?  Good that steps have been taken to get them to the nearest hospital than a public one further away.

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