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Enough in Medifund?

When a policy change kicks in, another must surely follow to keep pace. Now that Medishield changes have been announced with higher premiums and cash upfront before the insurance kicks in, is there enough in Medifund to keep pace?
Health Minister Gan Kim Yong says that the poor who can’t afford the cash up front or deductible can turn to Medifund. The question is: How much does Medifund have? What have the pay outs been like? How much has gone into paying for deductibles and how much for other medical bills? I’m sure there have been past reports, but an update is timely given the new circumstances. Also, is Medifund the ONLY recourse? I believe there are others but signing up for them disqualifies you from Medifund aid.
I have always thought a newspaper has three functions: To inform, entertain and educate. In my view, they translate into news, views, reviews and news-you-can-use. I’d like to see more of the last. Interestingly, there was prominent explanation on U-save being applicable to households rather than individuals. A good newspaper’s job must be to make our lives easier. In this case, it did. But as that old cliche goes, more can be done

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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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