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I pronounce you dead

I am pleased to announce the extension of Cemetery to include some new plots recommended by grave-diggers who have emailed me. Tombstones will be erected for the following

a. ICONIC – Okay, tell me which building in Singapore is NOT iconic? Then again maybe so many building are iconic that we need to coin a new phrase – super iconic? Word to be reserved for religious use, where it originated.

b. AUTHENTIC – Especially in the  area of cuisine. Wonder how food reviewers attest to the authenticity of a country’s cuisine. Like, what’s authentic local fare? Just the right dash of vinegar in chicken rice chilli sauce? Good food might be a good enough substitute.

c. EXTRAVAGANZA – Any performance with plenty of lights and loud sounds. And looks like it cost a bomb to put up. Hence, extravagant in more ways than one. Maybe so. But can reserve it for the really big, and really splendid instead of any old show?

d. BAG – as in bagged an award or three. So over used that you think award winners are stuffing them into bags. Can please stuff it?

Keep them coming. BTW, I believe “slew” looks like its been slain. Haven’t seen the  word for some time although I still see plenty of “raised eyebrows”.

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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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