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So good to hear good news! Pure, unadulterated, straight-up good news. We got a medal! Yay!!!! Thank you Feng Tianwei, you made our day! Wish TNP wouldn’t be such a party-pooper and place the doped-up muscle-men on the front page alongside Feng. Who cares about these dopey men? Their bodies can’t even compare to the cast of Magic Mike – get an eye-full of hunk candy in today’s Life! Now I want to know more about Feng. Probably been in the news many times before, but that was before. Let’s celebrate our heroine! Let it all hang out! Don’t anyone out there try to kill this great moment in Singapore’s history. In a period of so much scandal and discontent, there is still sports to cheer us. Thankfully.

While we’re on the Olympics, I note that there was a question asked at the ST inter-JC current affairs quiz about the number of condoms given out at the Olympic Village. The ST report today however never gave the answer – except that the school got whatever the figure was, correct. How many leh? Another question was which Batman movie was playing when the Colorado gunman went on his shooting spree in the cinema hall. Answer: Dark Knight Rises. I sure hope that the quiz tested the students on more fundamental and important questions, rather than the pop culture type. It will be too easy though in the next round, they got a question on Singapore’s Olympic bronze – like when was the last time we took a medal, or who was the first Singapore Olympian or even Feng’s scores. But if they got it wrong….they should be paddled on their backsides….

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News Reports

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