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A hair-raising tale

I don’t know what I am more amazed by – the mother who made a police report against a teacher who cut her kid’s hair or that his hair cut cost $60. (Mine costs less than $30) Must be a dry day for two newspapers to have the story placed so prominently in their pages. Page 1 of TNP (okay, tabloid fodde) Page 3 of ST (hmm…weak news file?)

You have to read both papers to get the full picture. The kid had his hair cut just minutes before his oral exam. Mother says her permission should have been sought. Mother says his hair-style (by Reds salon) ruined. He was too shy to go for wushu class, so hair got to be restyled. He was threatened by teacher who said I cut your hair or else I cut marks from oral exam!

Apparently, the kid have a note from the school to his parents about getting his hair trimmed before the exams. Kid did not tell mother – dyslexics are forgetful, says mother. Two days’ notice – too short, says mother.

Wonder how the police will deal with this. Haul the teacher up for hair-styling without a licence? For making threats against the kid’s hairstyle? Fine the teacher $12, I mean, $120 to compensate for the ruin? Add 10 points to his score to compensate for his stress? I have a suggestion: Get the mother and teacher together for a hair-pulling match.

Anyway, I hope I won’t have to read a followup story on hair length and hair style rules that schools have and the penalties for flouting it. Or the Education ministry weighing in on the hairy issue. So many more important things to focus on, like who would want to a parent…when you can’t control your kid’s hairstyle? Right? And who would want to be a teacher, when you can get frazzled this way?

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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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News Reports

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