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A loyal wife

I feel so sorry for the wife of Ng Boon Gay. Fancy having to listen to what her husband supposedly did to another woman. If Ng Boon Gay doesn’t appreciate having his wife standing by him so loyally, he isn’t a man at all. In fact, I hope he comes to court with his face scratched.
Am I sorry for Cecilia Sue? Yes, in the sense that she has to say in public what is better left private. But then again, there’s this voice which asks: Could she have said no, even if she didn’t want to file a police report which she claims no one will believe? Four times being “coerced’’ into performing oral sex seems a bit much, and that’s not counting the other times that the prosecution isn’t referring to as charges. I suppose I shouldn’t under-estimate the hold that a powerful man would have against a woman, or even deny that power can be charismatic. But Sue seems no wilting wallflower. She is a high-flier who could have given him the finger if she chose. And she didn’t say anything about Ng threatening to hurt her business if she didn’t do what he wanted. Looks like a consensual friend with benefits relationship which has been exposed.
I wonder if the prosecution did right in charging Ng under this huge ambit of “corruption’’. I have a problem connecting this to what looks like a sordid affair that would be painful for all parties concerned – but not necessarily criminal. Anyway, that’s the job of the defence.
My best wishes to Mrs Ng.

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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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