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A short take on sex

Again a teacher, female as well. And the boy is in primary school! Reached puberty yet or not?  Okay, I am going to be crude here so don’t read on if you are sensitive: I suppose its sex with minor only and not with “corrupt intent’’? I mean, he didn’t get better grades or a choice spot in a secondary school or something, right? I don’t know how the CPIB thinks these days.

Well the law professor’s case is coming up – and that seems to be a sex-for-grades case. Don’t get me wrong. It’s bad if a teacher has sex with a student – they can always wait right till the student graduates. But it would be interesting to see what a legally train mind in the dock can bring to bear on this whole issue of sexual gratification, coming right after the Ng Boon Gay trial.

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News Reports

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News Reports

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