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A by-election agenda

So many political parties interested in a vacant parliamentary seat even though there hasn’t been a firm indication that a by-election will be called in Punggol East. It would be tragic don’t you think if the opposition parties start grassroots work and the PM decides that he would NOT hold a BE but just wait till the next GE.

I wonder how many people are betting on the will he or won’t he question, or the when question….I gather that the opposition parties will campaign on national rather than local issues. There’s plenty of fodder, whether in housing, healthcare or transport or cost of living. Here’s a thought: The Population Report will be out in January with a gameplan on how to deal with the no-baby, so -many-foreigners problem. The strategy it puts out will point Singapore’s way forward. How about putting that on BE agenda, should a BE come to pass? That would be a real meaty issue that would concentrate minds in the poll booth.

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