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Good moves

WOW! Political activity is really hotting up. So the Singapore Democratic Party goes on a walkabout in Punggol East, in the hope that a by-election will be called there. Everybody’s wondering now if there will be a five-cornered fight in the single-seat ward, if the BE should come to pass. Seems that the Reform Party is in talks with Workers’ Party about that. I am betting that the pro-opposition camp is hoping for some sort of pact among the parties so that the vote wouldn’t be split with victory landing in the People’s Action Party’s lap.

Thing is, people seem to be wondering about who the opposition parties would field. The media is asking: So is it Vincent Wijeysingha? Paul Tambyah? Would be silly if the parties let on on a formal basis. I’d bet the PAP machinery is digging out every single bit of information on every possible candidate. And after the Wijeysingha run-in with Tan Chuan Jin, the SDP isn’t going to mess things up by speaking about it. Good move! In fact, all opposition politicians should keep a stiff upper lip, get out of town and return just before the BE (if it is called). In other words, do a Chen Show Mao.

I’m more interested to know who the PAP would field. Any of the fellows from the defeated Aljunied GRC slate? What about Ong Ye Kung, now of Keppel, ex-NTUC and ex-G? Sigh. Just curious.

Then over in Jubilee Hall, the WP has staged a concert. ST even had two stories on its “do’’, including a human interest story about the politicians’ stage jitters! The party wants to raise money for an HQ, and wanted to show off a lighter side, it said. Good move!

Walks and concerts will raise their public profile and now, we’ll wait to see what sort of positions the parties will hold on issues. I hope that they’re geared up to debate the Population White Paper that’s coming out soon. Let’s see some engagement on the big issues that will affect our future – not political point-scoring or exchange of love letters.

Another good move: Seems like Halimah Yacob is tipped to be the new Speaker of Parliament following Palmergate. Actually, I am not sure if it’s a really good move for Singapore. I’d prefer her “talking’’ – she’s so reasonable and articulate. As Speaker, she’s somewhat gagged in Parliament – how to join in a debate which you are supposed to be moderating? Maybe not so good move.

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