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Shy MPs

So Ms Lee Bee Wah screamed and the contractors got cracking. It got the stalled lift upgrading going and ready in two weeks in her Nee Soon ward. Her residents are surely grateful to their MP. Ms Lee isn’t worried about putting her name to her blasting. Now would she have been okay with having her name published on something about the by-election, especially if it’s not complimentary of the PAP?

I ask this because I can’t help but notice that yet another PAP has spoken to the media “on condition of anonymity’’ in ST. The first anonymous PAP MP had spoken about the innocuous subject of the choice of Speaker last month. This time, this anonymous MP indicated that the party was beguiled into thinking that it would win Punggol East, because grassroot activists reported that residents were receptive when they knocked on doors on Wednesday, the last night of the WP rally. Then he/she added: “But of course only the PAP supporters were at home, the rest were at the rally.’’

I suppose he didn’t want to be named because it wouldn’t look good on him or the party. And it’s a coup for ST to get an MP to admit to something like this. Then I think he/she should just shut up then. Has it come to this that even MPs won’t even put their name to what they say? And they are supposed to speak for me in Parliament?

AFTERNOTE: The MP concerned is Teo Ser Luck

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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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