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TB sounds like such an old, old disease don’t you think? But we now have six people down with a drug-resistant tuberculosis, where treatment has just 30 per cent of success. The six are being treated, said ST, but they seem to have passed it on to another 16 people with a “latent’’ form of the infection, which means for some, it can go full-blown later.
Now the interesting thing is this: authorities have traced the source to three cyber cafes in Selegie Mall. You get infected if you are close to someone with TB who’s coughing and sneezing away in your vicinity. When you are in a cyber café, I guess you sit for hours at a time…and if your neighbour is hacking away and happens to have TB…

Thing is, should we avoid those three cyber-cafes in Parklane now? No amount of disinfecting of premises would do the trick right? So it’s about WHO goes there and whether the operating staff are in good health? I guess the only way is to make sure you move away from a sneeze or cougher or demand that they use a mask.

As if TB news is not enough, dengue news is mixed. It’s come down but another two clusters have been found at Bukit Batok St 52 and the area around Tai Hwan Heights, said ST. The more worrying news is about the death of a sixth person from a Sars-like virus, this time in Britain. World Health Organisation reported 12 cases, and the bug seemed to have emanated from the Middle East and Pakistan. Far away, but given how open Singapore is…worrying.

Go to for Sarcasm on the stand. (Sorry lah. But need you to go see the site as well. I know take long time to load. Be patient ok)

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News Reports

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