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A big breakfast

I have been asked about the difference between Bertha Harian and the Breakfast Network. For starters, there’s more in BN. Ignore Bread and Butter if you’ve already read it on my blog, but go look at the other menu offerings. Got plenty of new stuff. Every day.

For example, take Bites – we look at other MSM offerings that you might have missed because you don’t subscribe or you don’t have time to read. Dim Sum is our short-cut way of giving you quotable quotes that will link you back to the source. As for Coffeeshop Talk, that’s our way of commenting on something that’s gone viral online.

This morning, for example, we took a Bite at the Jackpot Aunty, the one who got $416,000 from Marina Bay Sands, reported in TNP. Read for the story and also for what you should know about the fire alarm system in MRT stations. It’s alarming…

Our Chef’s Special is a longer piece, which we are trying to refresh every other day or so. Some have asked that we put up a Facebook Page. That’s something we might do later. We’ve got too much on our hands…like having to earn a living.

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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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