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There was once a guy who was an insanely jealous fellow. When he thought his girlfriend was cheating on him because she met some other guys for lunch, he threw a water bottle at her. Then he took her watch and smashed it because he found out it was a gift from another guy. He was so jealous that he didn’t stop there. He stalked her to the ladies’, grabbed her arms and started shaking her.
This was done in full view of other people. He knew he actedly badly but it seemed that he couldn’t help himself. The girlfriend became naturally terrified of him and told him so. He got angry again and punched her, again in front of people. Like many cases of abuse, he pulled the apology stunt again when they were alone. They kissed, made up and made out.
Then his demands started. He wanted lunch, fast-food lunch so she went and got it for him. Because their relationship was supposed to be “secret’’, she was worried about others seeing her pass the package to him. She was silly enough to hand the food to someone else. Then the hammering started again when he found out – he threw a stack of papers and even a chair at her.
By this time, the girlfriend was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. This was the guy she had befriended, picking up out from a crowd of other guys. They went to the movies together, petted and made out on staircase landings, playgrounds and even at her home. He was her “baby’’ and she was his “darling’’. She had tried once before to break off the relationship but he broke down in tears. They had sex for what they thought was the last time, just before both were due for a vacation. But when vacation was ended, they started up the relationship again.
The girlfriend decided that she had enough of the abuse and told her pastor, then a family member. They went to her employer and the police got involved. That was the end of it…for her.
She is 31, married, a teacher. He’s 13, and her student.
The moral of the story is: Boys cannot handle sex with an older woman, who shouldn’t be having sex with a boy anyway.
(The case of the teacher who pleaded guilty to underaged sex was reported in all the papers today)

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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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