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How to be nice

I have been negative and nasty over the past few days. It is bad behaviour, almost as bad as putting out a video showing your classmate shouting back at your teacher in class. The blog posts about Anton Casey, the SMRT and the Home Team should not have happened. I regret they did. If they had caused anyone pain, I apologise. In fact, I am deeply disappointed and frustrated at my inability to be nice.

Oh man! That was hard, especially when you don’t mean a word…

Oh…Anyone forget that Singapore is going to be 50 years old this next year? The G is not going to let us forget it as plenty of rah-rah stuff is going to be lined up for the following August 9. It’s supposed to be “ground-up’’ movement with ideas from people on how to make sure the celebrations are inclusive.

Therefore, this is my list of nice things I/we can say/post to get in the mood for our 50th birthday.

a)     Write this to SMRT whenever a train breaks down: It’s all right/It’s okay/We will board you every day.

b)    Tell Anton Casey to come back to Singapore: We won’t shout that you’re a lout/Though we never had a doubt

c)     Reply to every troll: Go ahead and do your thing/Your damning words just make me sing

d)    Morale-raising words for the Home Team: When the going gets tough/The tough get going/When the people get rough/Just give a good showing

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e)     To hospital CEOs dealing with the bed crunch: A tent will do just fine/But only for one time/Just put up a big sign/And we will sleep in line.

f)      Advice for the still confused motorists using the multi-signboarded MCE: We know that you are blind/But to say so is unkind/Just take the public bus/It’ll save you all the fuss.

Dammit…I am getting sarcastic again…Renewing effort.

g)     Consoling words for the alcohol-deprived in Little India: No liquor/No levity/Means no search up your cavity.

h)    For SMEs facing manpower crunch: Towkay don’t be sad/Things are not so bad/Close shop and start elsewhere/Or stay here and just go mad.

Sheesh…it’s not working. Last try…

i)       For cynical/angry/frustrated Singaporeans: Why are you feeling this way?/When the weather is wonderful today?


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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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