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Understanding the sexes – the FOtF way

So much coverage on what the Focus on the Family relationship workshop teaches students. MOE is stopping the workshop at the year’s end. FOtF said the workshop supposed to be “light-hearted”. So here’s a “light-hearted” look at what happens in its workshop in school:

Adult: Gals are like delicate flowers, so vulnerable and pretty.

Girl (studious type) : Which flower? Rose or Rafflesia?

Guy (brat): You’re more like a Venus fly-trap!

Girl: Shaddup!

Adult: Gal! Don’t say that! Guys don’t like gals disagreeing with them. They all very macho in their thinking. That’s how their brain is wired even if their body don’t look it.

Girl: But he’s so offensive! I won’t take this lying down.

Guy: You lie down also I dowan!

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Adult: Yes you do. Guys can’t help being hormonally hyped. There’s only one thing you want from her…admit it!

Guy: Like what? Her new iPhone?

Adult:  If she’s not in her ugly school uniform and wore fewer clothes, your eyes will be drawn to her like a magnet…

(Guy looks at gal meaningfully…)

Girl (upset) : If he even looks at me, I will slap him! No! No! No!

Adult: You mean Yes! Yes! Yes!???

Girl: No, I mean no! Why can’t guys take No! for an answer?

Guy: Because we’re guys and we will like to have it our way…

Girl: That’s not fair! I wasn’t brought up to be the dependent, submissive type. I want to be like Malala and win the Nobel Peace Prize!

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Guy: You also need a bullet in your head!

Adult: Guy and gal, that’s what I mean when I talk about relationship difficulties. You are arguing with each other when you really like each other. Both of you are giving out mixed signals…

Girl: Can you please stop calling me gal. I am a young woman. (walks out in a huff)

Guy: And I seriously don’t like her. As a guy, I mean what I say. (stomps off)

Adult: I now conclude my relationship workshop on understanding the sexes.

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