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A stern reminder to learn lesson

There are some phrases I wish politicians wouldn’t use, and which I firmly believe should be banned from their vocabulary.

Here is my list: a) a stern reminder b) lesson to be learnt c) need to be resilient.

I am referring to the ministers’ statements over the hostage crisis in Sydney. I know the point they are making, really. The hostage taking IS a stern reminder that we cannot take peace for granted and must be resilient and hold together. Yes, there IS a lesson to be learnt here.  The problem is that such a lecturing tone is going to fall on deaf ears. It’s like a parent who says: “Look what happened over there…You want the same thing to happen to you?’’ Politicians must really get better at getting their points across. Or whoever writes their Facebook posts have to do better.

Here’s my one cent worth:

I don’t know how many of you have been to Sydney or have friends and family there, but I’m sure you’re shocked to the bone at what’s happening there. You are just sitting in a café, say a Starbucks along Orchard Road, and a nutter comes in and brandishes a gun, saying that he’s speaking for the Islamic State. We’ve heard or read enough of the Islamic State, its beheadings and bloody ideology. The Muslims among us are appalled, just like the rest of us, at the twisted use of religion. But it takes just one crazed man, never mind if he did or did not return from Syria or even believes in the IS agenda, to set a peaceful place on edge. The Aussies are showing that they are made of sterner stuff. They are stepping up to the plate by even volunteering to escort Muslims on public transport. This is great behaviour. They showed that terrorism isn’t going to change their way of life. Would that we can do the same if something like this should ever happen here. Touch wood!

I know I might be stepping out of line (so bloody arrogant) by making such a suggestion. But seriously lah…

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An ex-journalist who can't get enough of the news after being in the business for 26 years

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