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Because I am so free, I watched an old episode of CSI Las Vegas last night. No, not the one with Gil Grissom, but Dr Ray. It was about a girl who supposedly died of a shark bite. The thing about this episode is, it was filled to the brim with fish metaphors, practically over-flowing. So good guys say things like “He’s the biggest shark of all”, “We’ve got him hook, line and sinker” and the bad guy asks “Are you fishing for information”. Left me quite green at the gills. We don’t see many metaphors in the media – and I wish some would turn up in news reports. But not too many okay? Or you will get something like this on the COI.

COI hearing de-railed

A witness at the MRT breakdown hearing yesterday went off the rails and started ranting at the LTA. “There were lights in the tunnel, not the end of it, when we evacuated those passengers,” said SMRT’s Mr X. The panel was going faster than a bullet train earlier in the morning but hit a red light when Mr X boarded the stand. An interchange ensued with panel member Mr Y accusing Mr X off leading them down the garden path. “Get back on track!” said Mr Y, adding that Mr X was beating around the bush. The COI chairman put the brakes on the hearing, declaring that it was a train wreck. “Normal operations will resume tomorrow,” he added.

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